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Do you want your teams to focus on your core business?

Do you want them to spend more time working to achieve your business objectives and you want to control your IT budget and move to more flexible management, thus improving your overall performance?

Atlas Cloud Services provides you with tailored Cloud services that will facilitate your digital transformation.


Your challenges

A secure infrastructure aligned with the latest innovations allowing the company to optimize its performance;

A high-performance information system allowing fluid, fast and secure access to your applications and data;

Flexibility in the implementation of new IT services


Our ACS offer

Our "ACS" solution is based on VMware technology, the world leader in virtualization and Cloud infrastructures. ACS gives you the flexibility to manage the creation and provisioning of your own cloud infrastructure and IT resources and also allows you to meet your application customization needs!

Benefits of the ACS offer

Subscribe to our ACS offer and benefit from the following advantages:

Self-service model

Access a rich catalog of Cloud services, based on VMware standards, from our self-service portal that allows you to create and manage your Cloud services without third party intervention.

Time-to-Market Optimization

Create your environments in a few minutes and free yourself from the long lead times that hinder your development.

Flexibility and elasticity

Automatically and quickly increase and decrease the size of your environments based on your business needs.

Pay as you go model

Control your IT expenses by paying only for the services you use and save money by avoiding buying under-utilized equipment.

High availability

Benefit from a reliable, secure and highly available cloud platform managed by a team of cloud experts and supported by a world-class data center.

Access to the latest innovations

Benefit, at a lower cost, from a catalogue of services continuously enriched with the latest technologies to accelerate your digital transformations.

Our products

Key points of our offer

A solution, based on the VMWare software suite, the leader in virtualization and Cloud infrastructures

  • Our ACS solution allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure from an online console.
  • The implementation of your high availability strategy will be facilitated by our ability to manage both your primary and backup infrastructure.
  • Our APIs will allow you to easily parameterize your platforms and gain flexibility.
  • A customer space allowing a totally digitalized access to all the services offered on the platform: rights management, monitoring, management of your resources and network parameters, ...
  • A secure infrastructure


A guarantee of the sovereignty of your data

  • Comply with DNSSI guidelines by adopting the services of our Sovereign Cloud while benefiting from the latest innovations.


Self-service portal

  • Take advantage of Cloud services via our self-service portal regularly enriched with high value-added services, enabling the provisioning and management of your Cloud services.


Optimize your expenses with full visibility on your consumption and pay-per-use (Pay-as-you-go model).

Some uses cases

With ACS, you will be able to address the following use cases in particular:

Hybrid Cloud and Overflow Management
Hybrid Cloud and Overflow Management
Development and hosting of DevOps applications
Development and hosting of DevOps applications
Hosting of development and test environments
Hosting of development and test environments
Disaster Recovery Environment
Disaster Recovery Environment
Outsourcing your backups
Outsourcing your backups

Our technological choices